Client Testimonials on ThetaHealing®

As a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist, I am amazed by how ThetaHealing produces deep and transformative healing in just a matter of a few minutes – the same degree of healing that might take place over a period of months or years of conventional psychotherapy. ~ Randy Dellosa, M.D., Psy.D.
I wish everyone in the world would have an opportunity to actually take ThetaHealing because it’s really a way, literally, to bring miracles into your life. – Lia Bernardo, Healer & Personality Development Coach

ThetaHealing for me is still the most transformative modality that I’ve ever experienced…you see such dramatic growth in you. And although there will always be triggers in your life which will kind of bring you back to the stuff that you want to work out but theta at the very least helps you deal with it quicker and you’ll just see how much easier it is for you to really co-create your future. And you see you can have that whole being present in the now and knowing that whatever is meant for you to come, because you’re co-creating it with ease and grace, happens. So for me that is the magic of ThetaHealing

– Katrina Holigores, writer & yoga teacher


When I started Theta which is like last year I honestly didn’t know what I was gonna do or I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just feel like my life was a wreck and I needed to do something. If it wasn’t for ThetaHealing I probably would have taken around 5 years or so just to get my life straight and actually give it direction. So I actually started last year like some lost, out of this world soul and it dramatically changed my life, dramatically healed me mentally, spiritually, and through intuitive anatomy, amazingly enough, physically also. And it’s just amazing. And so from this like lost, out of this world soul I actually feel now super human. – Kristina Pena, graphic artist

For many of us we go through life without knowing what’s bothering us and we learn very well how to cope. But it does get to a point in your life when you feel stuck and it turns out all those things that you are good at that helped you cope are the same things that are blocking you from moving forward. With Theta I realized and discovered not just what was blocking me but how easy it would be to clear everything. And on a fun level we did things like we healed our teeth and they changed instantly and I remember that moment made me realized if you can change your tooth that was gray into a normal colored tooth in a few seconds, then you can do that to anything in your life.

– Tata M., writer

Kat Maderazo.JPG
My favorite thing about the Theta experience is the community. Everyone goes through healing and sometimes you go through it alone or with someone. It is nice to be in a community here with such a lovely group of people who are all healing with you. Now we have a common language. We can go through life now with such a wonderful support system. – Trina Monsod, lawyer

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