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Be the change you want to see in the world.
— Ghandi

We run classes, workshops, and certified training programs to help you develop into the person you were always meant to be. Our classes and workshops are a self-healing journey, a process of self-discovery that elevates your life. Our training programs help you develop the healing potential that is inherent in every one of us. If not us, then who?



Experience ThetaHealing to free yourself from negative emotions, illnesses and diseases. You have the power to transform your negative experiences into positive outcomes.

In this clinic, our healers will:
1. Help you identify issues and blocks
2. Identify the root cause and origin of the issue
3. Heal you

Expect to feel better and lighter after one session. Expect to gain a clearer and better perspective to transform your negative issue into a positive outcome.

The awareness talk is a chance for you to learn more about the ThetaHealing technique. You will learn how it is applied in achieving your dreams and wishes. This is your opportunity to learn more and experience a mind-body-spirit healing.

OCTOBER 3 - 4pm to 7pm

reiki level 1

Reiki Oct.png

Reiki is a Japanese word which means spiritual energy. It is a Meditation and Healing practice to balance our spiritual, emotiional, mental, and physical state. The Reiki First Degree teaches Meditation, Self-Healing and Healing others. The course is basic lesson on Reiki Healing. It deals with teaching the origin of reiki, its practice for self healing and healing others. It also gives the attunement for the First Degree Level.

Objectives for the students:
1. To have a basic understanding of energy healing and energy centers and their relation to health and healing.
2. To understand Reiki – its history, principles and practice.
3. To be attuned to Reiki Level One Degree.
4. To practice Self-Healing and Healing others.

*includes manual, snacks, attunement, certificate, & mentoring

October 12: 8am to 5pm | October 13: 9am to 1pm | P4,000

reiki level 2.1


Reiki Second Degree is your second step to advance your practice of self-care and care for others using meditation, using Shirushi and Jumon (the use of symbols in healing and meditation), distant healing, and learning tools towards professional practice.

What Will You Learn From This Course? You will :
1. Understand the multi-dimensional level of the human body and realities
2. Deepen your understanding and the connections of each chakras or energy centers
3. Be able to learn how to heal on the emotional, mental, spiritual level and on a distance. 4. Practice the Shirushi and Jumon and Reiki Meditation for Second Degree Practitioner. 5.Gather tips of Reiki Professional Practice.

Pre-Requisite: Reiki Level 1 attunements, lectures, and 21 Day Self-healing)

*includes manual, snacks, attunement, certificate, & mentoring

September 21: 8am to 5pm | September 22: 9am to 1pm | P4,500



mindful meditation workshop