The TRANSCEND Experience


To transcend is to go beyond. It is about understanding that beyond the body there exists an energy system that gets affected by our fluctuating emotions, and beyond the energy of the body is the mind that is often overcome by stress and worry. Transcend Spa & Nails offers holistic experiences coupled with therapeutic benefits that allow you to truly relax and revive.  A Transcend Spa & Nail treatment starts with your body, but penetrates deep into your energy, emotions and even your thoughts, giving you the much needed relief and relaxation you are looking for.


Transcend Spa & Nails offers nail and foot treatments, body massages, body scrubs and wraps, in addition to specialty therapies that combine massage with healing therapies. Our philosophy is evident in our spa and nail technicians, who are trained in alternative healing techniques such as Reiki so that they have ‘healing hands.’ Each Transcend treatment is a spiritual ritual, carefully prepared to indulge the senses, revitalize the body, and relax the mind.


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