Let’s Talk About TRUE HEALING

It is no secret that an optimistic mindset allows one to overcome hurdles, and sets one down towards the right path to obtain the goals they aspire to achieve. Even more miraculous is the power of positive thinking in preventing and eliminating sickness. Studies show that an affirmative outlook results in a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular problems and stronger immune responses to diseases.


Growing scientific evidence has proven that most, if not all diseases are rooted in our emotions. Negative thinking dampens our emotions, and negative emotions dampen our energies. Blocked energies, in turn, weaken our bodies, which lead to severe physical problems.


The key to healing diseases is to eliminate negative thought patterns in order to pave the way towards total physical well-being. Through our healing sessions, you will release negative feelings, eliminate pain and suffering, release subconscious blocks and patterns, achieve clarity in your life, heal physical challenges in the body, and solve your problems. The end result is a healthier, happier you!


For more information on how our healing sessions work, visit our youtube channel to watch interviews. At The Third Eye Wellness, you can experience complementary therapies, energy healings, tarot/angel readings and spiritual consultations in order to reach your personal goals.


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