Healed from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

“ThetaHealing helped me cure PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I’ve had this sickness for two years and was diagnosed to have PCOS all my life. I was told that it would be difficult for me to conceive a child. After my first theta healing session, my mindset changed. I believed that I am healed. I believed that I am healthy. After three months, I had my ultrasound and my doctor told me that my ovaries are clear and I am now ready for a child.” ~ G.A.


Bounced Back from Depression

“Theta Healing was instrumental to my healing from clinical depression. As a depressive, I was always full of negative thoughts and I felt hopeless about the future. After a number of healing sessions, I noticed that I no longer get sad a lot. And when I do, it does not last for very long. I am now able to conquer my negative thoughts. It is now easy for me to stay positive and I no longer give in to my negative thoughts about myself and other people. I can now accept challenging situations as they come and know that I am strong enough to get through them.” ~ Irish M.


Miraculous Rash Disappearance

“When I went to a Theta Healing session, I had a big red rash on my throat. And issues. I had done what work I could with myself – reading self-help books, working with the law of attraction, doing energy healing on myself, but at this point I was up against a wall. I could not seem to go forward. I thought I knew what I wanted with my life, but I seemed to have no will to action. I seemed paralyzed, powerless against my petty addictions. I could not seem to help myself. Enter Theta Healing. My rash disappeared in a few days. I felt during the session as if there was a very soft force that swept into me and collapsed walls – a force as soft as tissue paper, but tissue is way harder and more gross. This was the gentlest collapsing of walls inside of me, and I ended up feeling invigorated, and healed. And curious to learn more. My session of Theta Healing was miraculous for me, and embarked me on the ability to create miracles myself.” ~ Edlyn K.


Mother & Son Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

“I was in dire need of help for my son when a friend mentioned to me that she chanced upon The Third Eye while browsing the web. I immediately access the web site & called the number. Fortunately, there was a free healing session that day & Rada invited me for my son to actually feel & undergo the session. We went to the center & when my son’s name was called, I asked the reception if I can join him as he’s suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & the reception gladly accommodated our request. First time I saw my healer, I immediately felt a connection between her, my son & me. In the 30 minute session, I saw immediate change in my son’s emotional condition. In that moment, I knew what I had to do. My son & me both underwent theta healing session. From my end, I became optimistic & I feel light despite the stress & challenges I faced in my personal & professional life. In the past, I always exude optimism but deep inside I felt some negativity. After the theta healing session I underwent, I can feel inner peace. The optimism I exude is real – inside & out! As for my son, he was able to recover from PTSD & hopefully, will be back on track. I thank God & my friend that I came to know Theta Healing.” ~ Vivian C.


Healing Children

“My 6-year old daughter had a ThetaHealing session last night. I asked her healer to help her makes friends. She takes very long to warm up to other people, even to kids her age. She would simply observe everyone for hours – never participating, just watching. Her school teachers have noticed it too. Her healer taught her how to ask her angels to help her when she feels nervous about making friends. When she met her healer yesterday, she has had a persistent cold for 4 weeks. On our way home, I asked her how she felt. She said she was happy, and her cold was gone.” ~ Mara M.


Regaining Positive Outlook in Life

“I suffered panic disorder since 2006. Right then and there I know I had to go to a psychiatrist because I know what I am undergoing is mental/emotional problem. Every month I would spend thousands of pesos for my therapy and medicines. I can’t go out on my own because I am frightened. I got depressed. I wanted to resign on my job. It seems all the dark things had already happened to me. There was even a point when I said to myself that it’s better that I die than to suffer that kind of illness. Then one time, that was June of 2012, I saw Sanaiyah in a show of DZMM. I knew I had to give a try because I know that my subconscious is a huge factor in what I’m feeling. And so I did undergo the Theta Healing last Nov 2012. I had 4 therapies in a matter of less than a week. I knew that that was one of the biggest miracles of my life. A lot has changed since then. Big change! I’m more positive now. I can do things on my own. I don’t worry about sleepless nights. I can deal with problems just like normal people do. I’m not saying that I got my life back totally. In scale of 10. I would say 8 1/2. I still have issues but I’m coping with it positively. Thank you Third Eye Manila for bringing my life back. What you guys did was really life changing.” ~ GD




Healed Life Stresses

“Unexpectedly very helpful session. There was a lot of clarity in the emotions I am experiencing now. I would recommend this type of session to other friends. I feel that I am really through and healed of life’s stresses.” ~ Isabel D.



“I felt like a heavy weight was lifted from me. I did not know I still harbored those feelings having them released in the Universe was the best feeling ever. I am not a believer with stuff like these but now I think I am.” ~ Francheska J.


In Spiritual Development

“ThetaHealing Session with The Third Eye Wellness practitioners are always transformative and enriching especially in people’s spiritual development.” ~ C.L Cua


No Hatred Anymore

“It’s really amazing. I really had so much anger inside my heart. But after my first therapy life becomes so good, no hatred, no anger, no hurt even sitting inside facing my enemies.  Amazing! I feel so blessed now, totally opposite from life before.” ~ Joanna


Plenty of Blessings

I just had my Theta Healing session early in August and I am so amazed with what is currently happening in my life now. After my soul mate session, wonderful things/blessings started to arrive. I met and dated different wonderful guys the past few days and there’s this one particular guy I am really attracted to. I don’t know yet, but I feel so at ease and happy being with him. I am just trusting and waiting what will happen next. I was also looking for some part time and/or other source of income for the past weeks already and after the Game of Life session, I surprisingly received emails from my past applications asking me if I am still interested to work for them. Also, there are some friends asking me if I want to take part in their business. Then just now, I received an email congratulating me that I passed the qualifying exam of a job I was applying for and that I just need to sign the contract/agreement and I can start the soonest time possible. I didn’t expect it really. I feel so blessed and grateful. I know more blessings are arriving in my life and I need to prepare myself for all of it! – C.L.


Stuck in a Rut

We all go through downtimes in life and don’t exactly know how to get out of it as we tend to feel a certain comfort being stuck in that rut. We may look for solace from our friends or master self-help books and believe that we got the solution to our problem which I have learned is only temporary. When I first went for my Theta Healing session, I really was clueless on what to expect. I initially was scared to open up and share whatever was on my mind. However Sanaiyah made it so easy to talk to her. There was no judgment whatsoever and as she says it’s the creator who is healing you and she is just an instrument. To sum it all up, Theta Healing isn’t about magic spells or lucky charms or medication. It is about you, your thoughts and your experiences. It’s as simple as trusting the Creator, believing you will be healed and just saying YES and it’s done! – April



Everyone should go and experience The Third Eye Wellness Center. No words can describe the ThetaHealing I received from Sanaiyah, owner of the center. If you are open for a healing then you will not be disappointed. Your life will change like it has for me and my family! – Suz Badiola



Theta Healing helped cure me of my depression and it cleared my mind and empowered me to start a better life – Anonymous