Chakra Café!

Healthy food choices are essential in maintaining the balance between all seven chakras. Knowing that what we eat bears a considerable effect on our body, mind, and spirit, we must make an effort to think about the way we eat, and strive for conscious eating.


Our blocked chakras not only dictate our food cravings, but they influence our ability to create and maintain harmony in the physical body. With this understanding, Chakra Cafe was born with the sole intention of feeding mind, body, and soul. Chakra Café promotes health and wellness through food and nutrition, which is captured by the Chakra Cafe philosophy ‘You are what you eat.’


Chakra Cafe serves healthy nutritious foods that sustain a lifestyle of wellbeing. We aim to nourish all systems of the body while keeping you energetic and emotionally balanced. We offer an array of functional foods that provide health benefits, including vegetarian, vegan and organic options along with healthy snacks and an extensive beverage selection that includes specialty coffees, fresh fruit smoothies, raw juices, and even milk teas. Our meals are prepared using wholewheat grains, olive oil, sea salt and plenty of healthy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.


Through conscious eating, one can eliminate physical and mental stress, reap the benefits of balanced chakras, and achieve a strong body, a healthy mind, and a peaceful spirit.