Elixir Juice Alchemy – Juice Your Life!

Elixir is a line of healthy organic juices and power-packed smoothies that help you lose weight, boost immunity, prevent diseases such as cancer, and cleanse your system from damaging toxins.  They are highly nutritious, infusing your body with vital nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants.




Our juices are cold-pressed and made with organic fruits and vegetables that come direct from organic farms. Our smoothies also contain organic fruits and vegetables in addition to superfood ingredients. Made fresh daily, Elixir juices and smoothies are like potions that deliver boosts of nutrition to your body so that you can live a healthy lifestyle.


We offer different packages for your different detox and cleansing needs. If you want to flush out toxins and cleanse the mind-body and energy, you can try the Cleanse and Detox regimen. Stressed? The Alkaline Detox will rid you of the acidity of your body produced by long-term adrenalin rush. For the weight-conscious, Weight-Less will aid you in speeding up metabolism to reduce weight faster. Finally, the Master Cleanse  is best for those who are recuperating from Chronic Diseases. Expect an increase in energy, lesser cravings, and clearer skin! Click here to know more of our Juice Cleanses.


Elixir juices and smoothies can be consumed for breakfast, as a healthy snack and meal replacement. They are also ideal as pre and post workout nutrition fixes. To book a 1-day, 3-day, or 5-day juice cleanse, please email manila@thirdeyeonline.com